He was also gloomy in an interview with Tony Perkins and the

He was also gloomy in an interview with Tony Perkins and the editors of Red

Herring. First, he displayed the “Bad Steve” side of his personality. Soon after

Perkins and his colleagues arrived, Jobs slipped out the back door “for a walk,”


and he didn’t return for forty-five minutes. When the magazine’s photographer

began taking pictures, he snapped at her sarcastically and made her stop. Perkins

later noted, “Manipulation, selfishness, or downright rudeness, we couldn’t figure


out the motivation behind his madness.” When he finally settled down for the

interview, he said that even the advent of the web would do little to stop

Microsoft’s domination. “Windows has won,” he said. “It beat the Mac, unfortunately,

it beat UNIX, it beat OS/2. An inferior product won.”


Apple Falling

For a few years after Jobs was ousted, Apple was able to coast comfortably with a

high profit margin based on its temporary dominance in desktop publishing. Feeling

like a genius back in 1987, John Sculley had made a series of proclamations that


nowadays sound embarrassing. Jobs wanted Apple “to become a wonderful consumer

products company,” Sculley wrote. “This was a lunatic plan. . . . Apple would never

be a consumer products company. . . . We couldn’t bend reality to all our dreams


of changing the world. . . . High tech could not be designed and sold as a consumer product.”

Jobs was appalled, and he became angry and contemptuous as Sculley presided

over a steady decline in market share for Apple in the early 1990s. “Sculley destroyed


Apple by bringing in corrupt people and corrupt values,” Jobs later lamented. “They

cared about making money—for themselves mainly, and also for Apple—rather than


making great products.” He felt that Sculley’s drive for profits came at the expense of

gaining market share. “Macintosh lost to Microsoft because Sculley insisted on milking

all the profits he could get rather than improving the product and


making it affordable.”

As a result, the

profits eventually



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