Immediately after Zhang Yixing’s program broadcast

The third quarter of “Tucao conference” is finally coming to an end. The last stage of the conference is to invite Zhang Yixing to take charge

of the coffee bar. It is a perfect curtain call. But after the return of Li Dan to Zhang Yixing Tucao, the

audience said “too ruthless”, “relentless”, or even like “personal attack”, in fact, not so serious.

Immediately after Zhang Yixing’s program broadcast, he apologized.

Immediately after Zhang Yixing’s program broadcast, he apologized.

He Tucao Zhang Yixing in the variety show crying, kneeling, learning sheep to eat grass, more ridicule, he said “lack of balance”, and Gin Oy two

people is to do “music micro business”, black powder give him nickname “white lotus”, Zhang Yixing as top traffic to the “Tucao conference” may be really silly.

Li Dan’s Tucao really made people sweat, but he had a strong desire to survive. Immediately after the

broadcast, he sent an apology to Zhang Yi Xing, saying that the broken program was strong enough in front of this model, and the counter attack was brilliant enough.

But there is no need to worry. Zhang Yixing said that “Tucao assembly” is to see how others can Tucao themselves, so there is no need to worry.

Zhang Yixing’s counterattack was perfect when he Tucao. He said, “don’t take me to the bar, Li Dan. You’d better not go.”

Zhang Yixing was almost caught in a derailment camp before she was married to a mysterious woman.

In addition, Zhang Yixing to other guests Tucao is also very good, not Tucao Shen Yulin is his greatest disrespect, Tucao Gin Oy’s comments

I feel great, Tucao Vincent Fang did not know Li Yu, Li Shangyin, said Ouyang Nana invented the track and field project called ant race walking.

Zhang Yixing grasped the stalemate well enough, even more professional than some guests. Indeed, it could be the best master in the third quarter.

Extended reading

Does the program dispute Shang Wenjie leave? Zhang Yixing: Did I make a mistake?

According to Taiwanese media reports, mainland male star Zhang Yixing has been promoted from a variety show class to a mentor level. He

first worked as a national producer in “Idol Practitioners” and then as the host of “Immediate Telephone”, which has aroused immediate attention since its launch in December.

However, he and another mentor Shang Wenjie were at the video scene because of different opinions, the woman turned around and left directly, which made the scene atmosphere instantly embarrassed.

Teachers expressed their views on electronic music in the program. Shang Wenjie thought that this stage should be more inclusive, accept

independent and commercial electronic music. Zhang Yixing frankly said that his views were different. “I do not do music so commercially. Everyone has an artistic system in his heart.

Everyone is pursuing the art in his heart. Music has no correct answer. Case, I think as long as you like it, and then do it to the audience like it, I think it’s good music.

Shang Wenjie and Zhang Yixing had different opinions on many occasions. When she saw the experimental audio of the contestant Daxiu, she was not accepted by the other

side. She lamented, “I feel really disappointed.” Finally, she got up and left her tutor, Zhang Wei, panicked and asked, “What’s wrong?” Zhang Yixing was also frightened: “Did I make a mistake?”

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