New Year’s Eve train tickets are snatched today! Look

January 6 (Xiong Jiali) Spring Festival is approaching. Have you bought any tickets? New Year’s

Eve train tickets are on sale today. Get ready to rush for tickets!

It is reported that during the Spring Festival Transport in 2019, China’s railways are expected to

send 41.33 million passengers, an increase of 31.76 million passengers, an increase of 8.3% over the

same period last year, with an average of 10.33 million passengers per day, a new record for the Spring Festival Transport.

This week, we caught up with the train tickets in the rush period of the Spring Festival Transport

(December 27, 28, 29), especially today (6), just in time for the train tickets on New Year’s Eve (February 4). For returnees who want to

catch up with New Year’s Eve dinner, the 6th day is a rare time to grab tickets.

There are many good news for the Spring Festival Transport in 2019, including the “standby ticket purchase”

function on line, the proportion of online ticket purchase requiring verification codes has been greatly reduced, and so on. In addition, since

January 5, 2019, new train charts have been implemented on

the national railways, including 10 sections of Beijing-Hangzhou high-speed railway from Chengde to Shenyang,

Xinmin to Tongliao high-speed railway, Harbin to Mudanjiang high-speed railway, Jinan to Qingdao high-speed railway, Qingdao

to Yancheng railway, Hangzhou to Huangshan section of Hangchang high-speed railway, Nanping to Longyan railway, Huaihua to

Hengyang railway, Tongren to Yuping railway, Chengdu to Ya’an railway, etc. With the opening of the

new line, railway passenger and freight transport capacity has been significantly improved.

Xiao Wang, who lives in Chongqing, has been able to buy tickets for the train home. She told Sino-Singapore Jingwei clients that this year’s

tickets need to be snatched, but the situation is more optimistic than last year’s. “It’s easier to win

tickets this year than last year, with fewer validation codes, which saves a lot of time.” Xiao Wang said happily.

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