Zhang Lianwen, a famous film performer, died of illness

Zhang Lianwen, a North China Film performer who once starred in Yanyang Tian, Pioneering

Enterprise and 18 Years of Enemy Camp, died of illness at 22 p.m. on January 4 at the age of 74.

Zhang Lianwen was born in February 1945 in Changchun, Jilin Province. Beijing Film Studio

National First-Class Actors. In 1960, he was admitted to the Department of Performance of Beijing Academy of Art. He studied drama

performance and began his career of performing art. After two years of professional study, he went to Shanxi Jinzhong Industrial

Group in 1963 and participated in the production of the film “Standing Up the Tide” in 1997. The film

won the government award and the excellent film of the Central Propaganda Department in that year.

In 1973, Lin Nong, director of Beijing Film Factory, asked him to play Xiao Changchun for the

production of “Sunny Day”. This was his first film production. Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the director, he made Xiao Changchun stand on

the screen with his simple and exquisite performance style. The shooting of “Sunny Day” became a new starting point of his artistic life. In

the filming of Pioneer, he repeatedly studied the script, experiencing the inner world of the characters, capturing the feelings of life,

deliberating on every word and action of the characters, and finally created a sincere, moving and vivid image of Zhou Tingshan, a representative

of the oil workers on the screen. The success of the two films made him a young actor familiar to

the audience. Later, he played Jiao Kun in The Boiling Mountains, Zhong Yuan in the Great Landscape,

Yue Zhipeng in the Wedding and Zheng Bairu in Xu Mao and His Daughters. He created various artistic images in a series of films.

In that year, the shooting conditions of Pioneering Work were extremely difficult. Actors spend their days with snow and ice, and food

is often frozen during meals. In order to truly reproduce the entrepreneurship of workers in Daqing, before the film was filmed, all the acting

staff went to Daqing to experience life. “Eat, live and work with oil workers for more than a month.” Zhang Lianwen once said, “It was ice and snow, more than 20 degrees below

zero, and they stood on the well platform for more than ten hours a day. If they caught up with the wind, it would be even harder. Only then can

we really realize the difficulty of the oil workers, and know that the passionate bold words in the script are not shouted out in the mouth, they are all done in practice.

What touched Zhang Lianwen even more was listening to the workers’stories about Wang Jinxi. “When experiencing life, I listened to many oil workers’

descriptions of Iron Man, and felt that he was a man of iron clank! It is said that when the rig was transported from the railway station to the well

station, there was still a long way to go. A rig weighed tens of tons. Even after it was disassembled, a part weighed several tons. However, the

transportation equipment was limited. Later, it was Wang Jinxi who organized the workers to lift the

well platform with their hands. No machine was used. Now, it is an unthinkable feat to imagine.

It is reported that Zhang Lianwen suffered a car accident at the end of 2014 and was in a coma for a

month in the hospital. Since then, his health has deteriorated, often accompanied by a wheelchair.


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