Guangzhou Public Toilet New Regulation: The Number of Ladies

The building area of public toilets in important public places should not be less than 70 square meters. It should be open 24 hours. The

proportion of male and female toilets should not be less than 1:2. The building area of public toilets in urban main and secondary roads,

inner streets and villages is not less than 60 square meters, the opening time is not less than 16 hours, and the proportion of male and female toilets is not less than 2:3.

Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Administration Committee held a press conference, focusing on the preparation

of Guangzhou Public Toilet Construction and Management Code.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Urban Management Committee introduced that the Code was

commissioned by Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences and

Guangzhou Doctoral Institute of Scientific and Technological Innovation. The Municipal Quality Supervision

Bureau held two review meetings to review and revise t

he Code and finally formed a formal draft. The Code is the first local standard for public toilets in China, which is higher

than the national standard and is in line with Guangzhou’s goal of building a “leading global city”.

As the state already has the “Design Standard for Urban Public Toilets” (CJJ14-2016) on the construction of public toilets, ma

nagement standards have been put forward in many places, such as Shenzhen Public Toilets Management Method, Tianjin Public Toilets Management

Method, Beijing Public Toilets Management Method, etc.

Reporters learned that Guangzhou this time put the construction and management of public toilets together

and formulated local standards, highlighting the innovative work.

The conspicuous position of the entrance and exit of public toilets should be set up

Labels for special toilets such as barrier-free toilets

The Code formulates various signs for public toilets, determines the guiding signs according to

the standardization requirements, and specifies the technical parameters for making the signs, specifies the size, color, font and graphics

of the signs, and puts forward for the first time the design requirements for maternal and infant toilet signs,

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