Or is it not conducive to internal reconciliation efforts? Pales

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Hamdara and his government on the 29th, and asked the Hamdara govern

ment to continue its work until the new government was established. Public opinion believes that the resignation of Ha

mdara’s government will further combat stagnant Palestinian internal reconciliation efforts.

Palestinian President Abbas Information Map Xinhua News Agency

The Palestinian presidential palace issued a statement saying that Abbas

agreed to Hamdara and his government’s resignation request at a meeting held in Ram

allah on the same day. Abbas will consult with factions and independent figures within the Palestine Liberation Or

ganization (PLO) on the formation of a new government. The statement said that after the establishment of the new go

vernment, preparations will be made for the election of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

Hamdara said earlier on the 29th that his government has submitted its resigna

tion to Abbas, but will continue to perform its duties until the new government is formed.

On 27 February, the Central Committee of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) propos


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