Salted vegetables saved the young boy: because of e

Brother, you come up first! Look, I’ve bought all the stewed vegetables. What are we going to eat?’ Police officer Tan Fang Ran was lying on the rooftop fence of the

accident floor, looking at the small money in front of him. On a prefabricated platform a little bigger than

a square meter, 17-year-old Qian Sese shivered and turned green and said nothing to the police.

On January 26, a 17-year-old man in Xiejiawan District, Jiulongpo District climbed o

nto the prefabricated platform outside the roof guardrail on the 33rd floor because of emotional frustration. The si

tuation was critical. Fortunately, the police arrived in time, persuaded him for several hours and bought him snacks such

as brine. Finally, they successfully persuaded the man to take the initiative to climb the roof.

The alarm was received at 9:00 p.m. on the roof of a 33-storey residential building in a

residential area. When Tan Fanran arrived, he did not see the young man at first sight. Led by the residents of sev

eral neighborhoods, Tan Fang ran to the guardrail at the edge of the roof. Looking down, he was surprised t

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