hey have been doing this for three months no end is in sight

  Park Hyun-soon, an eggplant farmer who lives next to the heap, says the fires spew ash over her greenhouses, blocking light from the plants and ruining her produce.

  ”The eggplants are growing gnarled,” she says. “We almost never open our windo

ws. When we leave the house, we don’t smell the nature but the burning (garbage).”

  The local government now issues dust masks to residents.

  ”My eyes hurt, my head hurts,” Park says. “All the residents are suffering.”

  Story of a trash mountain

  The Uiseong garbage pile is the largest in South Korea, according to local officials, and has a storied history.

  In 2008, Kim Seok-dong, a recycling business owner, was granted a license to keep 2,000 tons of waste on the site.

  But in 2016, his permit was canceled after locals began complaining that the rural s

pot was overrun with trash. Kim tried to fight the ban, but in 2018 a court ordered him to remove the waste.


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