Meanwhile, Independent MP Kerryn Phelps, who last year won

  a by-election seat given up by Morrison’s predecessor Malcolm Turnbull, gave the prime minister the emoji treatment, posting a single wide-eyed, shocked face in response to his comments.

  — Prof Kerryn Phelps AM (@drkerrynphelps) March 8, 2019

  After the event, Morrison tweeted: “Today is about appreciating all the wome

n in our lives and our nation — celebrating their value and achievements.”

  During his speech, Morrison told the Chamber of Minerals and Energy that a stronger Australian economy would improve job prospects for women.

  However, a slew of recent resignations from female members of Morrison’s gover

nment has led many to question his commitment to jobs for women within his ruling Liberal Party.

  Speaking at a different International Women’s Day function on Friday, independent parliame

ntarian Julia Banks told a crowd that Morrison’s leadership style was akin to “Mad Men crossed with House of Cards.”

  Banks quit Morrison’s Liberal Party last November, citing a “culture of gender bias, bullying and intimidation” in Australian politics.

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