But despite the fact that the draft law is, first and forem

ost, part of the measures to deepen reform and opening-up in order to improve China’s overall business environment, some assume Beijing is rushing t

he draft through the NPC to help trade negotiations with Washington. Such assumptions are groundless, to say the le

ast, because discussions on adjusting the existing regulatory statutes had begun around 2013. Plus, a 170-arti

cle draft foreign investment law was published for public review way back in January 2015.

Moreoverarticle draft in 2018 is nothing short

of revolutionary, as it is aimed at a strategic turn in the country’s approach to foreign inv

estment. Beijing’s concept of openness is no longer limited to offering favorable treatments to businesses, including for

eign businesses. It focuses more on providing an environment conducive to rules-based fair competition.


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