As a result of the accumulated wisdom of the top thinke

inkers over the centuries, natural science is a really difficult subject

to learn for those without a strong interest in it. The more quantum physics books that are tailored

toward infants, the more children will develop an appetite for the subject in their early years.

More importantly, these science books are written in a way th

at most young children can understand. Inste ad of throwing a complicated concept at the infant

reader, it puts everything into a small story that the reader can enjoy with the help of their parents.

Honestly speaking, I would have preferred my quantum phys

ics textbooks in university to have been written in this way, instead of the traditional way. M

aybe I could have attained higher marks if my professor had brought a cat into the class

room to explain Schrodinger’s thought experiment using an actual cat, instead of simply telling me about it.

But the idea of making science interesting doesn’t just

apply to children’s education. A survey by the Chinese Association for Science and Tec

hnology found that only about 3.3 percent of China’s total population have a basic knowledge of natura

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