The mother on Monday afternoon issued an apology on

Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo and defended herself in several media interviews.Her

post on Sina Weibo said that Niuniu is her beloved daughter and that she had absolutely no intention of hurting or abusing h

er.She also told Beijing News: “My husband has a job; our family does not rely on Niuniu to make a living.”Niuniu’s mother posted an apol

ogy on Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo on April 10. [Photo/Sina WIt was getting dark at that time and Niuniu was about to run out to

the street, so my actions were out of worry for her,” she said.Most netizens however were not convinced, with one saying, “There is no stre

et in front of Niuniu but just a wall.”Two more clips later circulated online and exacerbated the situation.One shot i

n March shows Niuniu’s mum beating her with a hanger and shouting, “Concentrate your energy”.This video was

allegedly filmed at around 10 pm, when Niuniu had already worked for most of the day.

Another clip shows Niuniu shocked by her mother’s sudden strike to her hand.

Many netizens have said that the viral videos show the harmful conditions that child m

odels experience, and have asked for more care for the girl’s psychical and mental health.

More than 110 children’s clothing shops on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping platform, hav

e united together to call for better regulation of the child modeling industry and greater protection for child models.

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